Hello, I’m Karla Hooper, aka Earth Girl.

My passion is sustainability and finding solutions for leaving a lighter footprint on the Earth.

I currently live in the Perth Hills of Western Australia with my partner (Brett), 2 dogs (Wilson and Mitzy), 2 clydesdale horses (Missy and Leo), 2 chickens (the Golden Girls) & Roger the Rooster.

Something you should know about me:

I love all things Animals, Sustainability and Spirituality.

So much so, in 2010 I quit my corporate job to intuitively travel Australia to learn about using camels as a form of sustainable transportation. It was a 2 year adventure of remote locations, catching camels from the wild and working as a cameleer in Central Australia.

Something else you should know about me:

I haven’t been raised as a tree hugging hippy, in fact, quite the opposite.

My family were very conventional, both Mum and Dad worked, we watched TV every night and ate quick to prepare food – often from packet or jar mixes. In my teens I wore a full face of makeup, dyed my hair every colour under the sun and cared about fashion.

My connection with the Earth is something that evolved over time, bouts of depression forced me to go within and search my soul for truth and meaning, slowly my life weaved another path.

My connection with the Earth is part of my soul and is older than time. Her wisdom is what’s been guiding me and our relationship continually grows stronger.

I was never the type who could learn something and then just switch off. With each documentary I watched, conversation I had, observation I made and book I read, my eyes were opened. The world’s problems were pointed out each way I looked, but where was the focus on the solutions? I decided to dedicate my life to that.

And, I don’t for a second believe in the doom and gloom Earth scenario. Oh no Siree, I believe in light hearted FUN, celebration, expansion and love.

I have now dedicated my life to working with the Earth to find, share and inspire solutions for living in better harmony, returning balance and respect.

But, I believe this shouldn’t mean going without.

My mission is to find simple solutions that are practical for everyday people living westernised lives.

I’ve had an interesting journey to get me to this point. If you’d like to know more, I’ve written the short (of the long winded) version below. I hope you enjoy.

Karla xx

1. The Beginning

I can't remember exactly when my love and passion for simple natural solutions started, but I do recall memories from the age of 12-13 of putting lemon juice in my hair after reading it can be used as a natural lightener. I loved experimenting & trying different...
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2. University and Awakening

At the same time I found out I'd been accepted into Uni, I suffered a break down, which put an end to the depression I'd experienced since I was 13. Finally, I sought help, got medicated for 6 months (which was enough to get my head clear again), and then I started my...
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3. Professional Career

Half way through my Honours I had rewarded myself for completing my undergraduate degree by booking a holiday to stay with family friends in Broome. It was while I was sitting on the back veranda sipping a drink I decided it would be nice to live in the tropics, and...
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4. Travelling and Camels

There were a few other factors that played a part in me quitting my corporate job and travelling Australia to learn about camels as a sustainable form of transportation.   A few months before I quit, and probably the event that made me first start questioning my...
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5. Toodyay, Passion and Community

Before Rusty passed, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the world of animal communication. It was Rusty who was the driver for this new direction, and left me with this gift. It was during a weekend Animal Communication Course that I found out Rusty was...
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6. Farmers Market’s, Struggle and Wake Up Call

By the time I'd left the Shire, I was well and truly single, both my camels had passed away, but I lived on a magical property (1,000 + acres) with Wilson, my new bundle of joy dog - Mitzy, and my 2 gorgeous Clydesdale horses - Missy and Leo. Moving to this property...
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7. Love, Support and New Beginnings

Attending training was part of the Board of Director scholarship opportunity with Wheatbelt NRM (Natural Resource Management). I was new to the world of directorship and was eager to learn. I was presented with the opportunity to undertake the Australian Institute of...
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8. Birthing Earth Girl and Piecing it All Together

I was at another new beginning, only now with my soul mate by my side. What a welcome relief!   Once I'd got my head around moving away from the community that I loved liked family, I was ready for the universe to present my next move. I was open to getting a...
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About Earth Girl

So, where to from here? You now know a bit about me, but what about Earth Girl?   Earth Girl is about sharing Knowledge and Wisdom + Hints and Tips, for living more sustainably on the Earth. It's for people who have had their eyes opened to the problems and are...
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